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At this unprecedented time-a candidates message

We will get through this together!


Patsy Austin-Gatson Candidate District Attorney Gwinnett County

My decision to run for District Attorney of Gwinnett County was made after deep thought and prayer. We have a serious choice to make at this time for our community. We want to be safe and have a good quality of life. The issues of mass incarceration, racial disparity in the criminal justice system, and holding our government and police accountable cannot wait.

I will work to decrease recidivism, and work to keep our children out of the system. First time non-violent offenders will be given a consistent second chance to be law abiding and contributing members of our community. They will not be set up to fail. I will also fight for citizens who have paid their debt to society so that they can become again fruitful members of our society. 

I am asking for your vote in the Democratic Primary in June 2020 to find lasting solutions to the issues of our day. 

Determined to be the Difference!

Patsy Austin-Gatson

Candidate for District Attorney, Gwinnett County 


  Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17 

Elect Patsy Austin-Gatson District Attorney

Patsy Austin-Gatson Candidate District Attorney Gwinnett County

All of my experiences have prepared me to be the best District Attorney for Gwinnett County.
I have thirty years of legal experience. That experience has been with the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Georgia where I represented all of the Criminal Justice Agencies in Civil Litigation; a law firm that hired me as their first Associate Attorney; my own solo practice which included various areas of law, including criminal and civil; and the Solicitor General’s Office of Gwinnett County where misdemeanors are prosecuted. I have taught paralegals at Clayton College and was a business owner of a gourmet popcorn shop for seven years in Gwinnett County and Atlantic Station.  My work as a mentor of North Gwinnett High-school was particularly rewarding and I have volunteered with numerous organizations through the years that assist people through catastrophic and life challenges.

I am married to Travis Gatson, who is a retired Captain from Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department, and he is presently Chief Investigator with Gwinnett County Solicitor’s Office. I have three children and two grandchildren. Two of my children were adopted at ages 12 and 13 through DFACS.
I have overcome systemic challenges and seek solutions to issues in a creative and progressive manner.

 I am asking for your support and your vote on June 9th, 2020 in the Democratic Primary and in the General Election on November 3, 2020. I look forward to working with you hand in hand in this historic election for District Attorney of Gwinnett County and I promise to be responsive to the Citizens of our County.  


United By A Common Goal

Patsy knows the value of being connected. That's why she is running for Gwinnett County  District Attorney. Help her help you.


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